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visit people in their homes and seeing the great diversity in san francisco and watching as the diversity is pushed further and further to the outlying areas. i happen to live around noe valley and i'm watching google take over. buses that transport people back and forth and i look at that and say much like what happened to the castro area, the older people who lived there got pushed out by gays. what happens' happening now is we're having a similar pushing out to the out skirts, people who are no longer young, who are no longer perhaps working, who are no longer breeding among other things, but who do need the kinds of services that i think this task force is, you know, brought together to speak to and address. ~ and as i said, i can bring new blood to this. i have not worked deeply in the political zone and i feel as though i both missed something and avoided something.
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so, for my part at this time in my life, i'd like to take some of my time and put it toward that. i'm not about to retire, but i do want to change a little bit of the proportion of what i'm doing in terms of my work and my commitments. and from having been through you name it to women's rights, thea rights, the other rights, when i went back to school, to law school, i looked at it and i said, what is this elder law about? it seemed very interesting to me. and it has been a very rewarding choice of profession for me and of clientele. >> thank you. >> mollie? my career right now is really focused on senior aging issues and i would like to bring together more closely
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lgbt senior aging issues into the community disability advocacy. we have one of the highest aging communities in the country in san francisco and we have one of the most represented lgbt communities as well, and yet we are so unrepresented in services for this community and it pains me to see this over and over again in my own agency we serve for seniors and disabled adults, and it's very, very hard to get -- to reach out to the lgbt community and make these services available. and i realize that firsthand when i was at open house how hard it was and it takes a tremendous amount of effort to reach out and build this visibility, particularly in the
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old, old population that has been positive for much of their life. but even still, we have much to do to make the services friendly and available to the lgbt aging community. and i personally am -- i feel it on a personal level to bridge this professional work that i do with my own community that i see every day. so, this would be a very important contribution that i think i can make on the task force. >> thank you. >> thank you. supervisor breed, did you want to -- >> yes. i had a question for ms. steinert. the current -- where do you currently work? i work at stepping stone. we're the largest provider of
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adult day health care in san francisco. it's directed towards full seniors and disabled adults. we have four centers in san francisco. we've been around for 30 years. we enable seniors to live independently in community when they get to a point where they have difficulty managing on their own. so, by coming to adult day health care every day, they are able to have their health care managed, get social connection with other people, and maintain independence, preventing going into skilled nursing homes too soon. >> it says -- it mentions serving low-income seniors -- [multiple voices] primarily because we're really focused on a medi-cal qualified population. but truthfully, we serve anyone who could also pay the private pay rate.
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but primarily we're looking at low-income seniors. >> thank you. are you done with your questioning? thank you, ladies, appreciate it. i just wanted to make a few comments. just, of course, as we know, this is a really difficult decision. i definitely stand by my first decision of supporting mark burns. i know that -- and i was aware of the lack of women on this particular task force. but what was extremely important to me was, as i said before, someone who has a proven demonstrated track record of actually consistently working with the senior community in a capacity that is going to be necessary to help change the lives and how we do business here in san francisco as we begin to serve and open
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the door to serve better the lgbt senior population. with that, i want to also say that i -- looks like my colleagues here definitely are interested in supporting a woman, which there, again, are two very capable women. and i think that ms. mollie steinert has also that track record based on her application, based on what i've heard here today. and, so, i'm prepared to be open minded about a suggest. so, i'll wait to hear from my colleagues on that and be willing to work out a compromise here. >> so, again, tough decision. both of you are well qualified. and even listening to your comments to supervisor cohen's
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question didn't make it any easier. however, i still would like to support mollie in this. and when i listen to her speak about the issues, her passion for the issues just comes out. and the fact that she's been involved with these issues for many, many years tells me that there's a track record. and sometimes it's not about politics. sometimes it's not about other things. and for me it's really important that a person's passion in her work or his work is the number one priority for me. so, that would be my preference, though. >> like i'm going to be
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outvoted here because i feel like my person, but -- >> me, too. [laughter] >> i have to make a decision here. we're trying to be as judicious and thoughtful about it as possible. so, i am comfortable supporting mollie steinert be recommended for seat 3. >> thank you. is there a motion to -- well, without any objections, can we move mollie steinert to serve on the task force? no objection? what is it, item is closed. thank you very much. (applause) >> okay, madam clerk, can you please call item number 2? >> item number 2, hearing to consider appointing three members, terms ending november 21, 2014, to the citizens' general obligation bond oversight committee.
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there are 3 seats and 8 applicants. >> okay, thank you. before we hear from the applicants, i would like to ask john givener from the city attorney's office to speak on seat number 2 and the qualifications for this seat. >> sure. john givener, deputy city attorney. so, the person appointed seat number 2 must be active in a labor organization. all of the -- there is an additional restriction on all three of the seats, which is the appointees to this body cannot be city employees or officers, and cannot be city vendors, contractors or perform work funded by city bonds. so, i understand the applicant for seat number 2 which one of the applicants for seat number 2 on today's agenda is a city employee.
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so, that person could not be appointed to any of the three seats. >> okay, thank you. >> [inaudible] a clarify question. for the person retiring from local 21 who is vacating seat number 2, that person wasn't a city employee? >> i don't know. i don't know anything about the person who is currently holding seat number 2. but generally city employees -- sorry? generally city employees cannot be appointed to this body. >> so, maybe it seems to me -- i'm under the impression bob muscat who currently has the seat that is expiring is a city employee. so, i guess it's unclear to me, are we changing the rules or are we now enforcing them, is it an oversight? what exactly?
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maybe he doesn't work for the city and i'm mistaken. >> i can't tell you about him personally. i wasn't involved in his appointment. i can tell you we're not changing the rules. this was a voter adopted measure in 2002, i believe, that set the qualifications for these positions and in that ballot measure, the voters restricted the city employees and officers could not hold these positions. >> okay. colleagues, can we move to continue consideration of seat 2 to the call of the chair? >> yes, so moved. >> any objections? seeing none, so moved. now we would be hearing from the applicants for seat number 1 and 3 in the order they appear in the agenda. if kia omotalade.
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>> supervisor, sorry to interrupt, this is a technical thing. i recommend you rescind that vote and take all the votes on each of the seats, including the vote to continue seat number 2, after hearing public comment on the item. >> thank you very much. >> sorry about that. >> so -- >> i make a motion to rescind. >> seeing no objection, the vote is rescinded. okay. so, again, kia. hi, my name is [speaker not understood] and i'm here to speak for kia. she's unable to attend today due to work obligations. why i want to be on the committee. the committee is tasked with the following. review the controller service standards and benchmarks to ensure accuracy and usefulness. two, review all aid its to ensure they meet requirements set forth in the ordinance. 3, [speaker not understood] whistleblower hotline and their disposition, and 4, when appropriate hold public
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hearings regarding results of benchmark studies and audits. [speaker not understood] robert h. jackson once said it is not the function of our government to keep citizens from failing into error. it's the function of the citizens to keep the government from falling into error. this is it one of the main reasons i have applied to the appointment to the committee. first and foremost, i am proud to be a resident of san francisco and i believe as such i have a civic duty to ensure the city is running a matter consistent with financial stability and economic stability. in both my professional and civic capacity, i am tired with doing many of the duties retired by the committee. currently i am employed at blue shield of california and in this role i am a senior program manager of accountable care organization. my [speaker not understood] of a manager of acos is to drive quality of care and [speaker not understood] and cost of
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care indicators down. [speaker not understood]. and it is also to prepare blue shield of california for the influx of new members that will occur because of affordable care act. as part of my day to day role, i am constantly reviewing audits, budget, numbers, statistics, spending and utilizing trends and brainstorming with my team and individual hospitals and medical groups as a way to how we can deliver better care and a more cost-effective manner. i am trained as a lawyer and spent years practicing law and also serving as both a state and federal law clerk. these experiences have given me an eye to detail and an uncanny ability to review documents for accuracy and ask questions that need to be asked. i am the person to serve on this committee because of both my experience and desire to serve in my community. thank you. >> okay.
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you have a question? >> i do. i have a couple questions. so, since jackie is not here to speak on her behalf, i'd like you to talk a little about the reasons why you came out here to speak and carry her message and describe to me your working relationship projects you've worked with her on that you've seen her demonstrate leadership and why you should think she would be a good candidate for this position. >> so, jackie is receiving an award woman of the year and they're having a meeting today at blue shield. so, she wasn't able to attend and she reached out to me to see if i was able to speak on her behalf. i've known jackie for about two years. she both went through her program and that's how i was able to know her. we have worked on some projects together. we worked on osa, raising money for the obama campaign. we also served as delegates, organizing the community, getting voters out and registering voters as well. >> thank you. thank you very much. any other questions?
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>> yeah. i'm just curious in terms of -- you may not be able to answer this one. do you know how she's active with business organizations? how is she active with business organizations? i'm not sure. >> okay. thank you. thank you. >> next person would be minneola, minneola ingersoll. hi there, thank you. minneola ingersoll, hi. for the past 10 plus years i've been at google where i'm currently a principal at where i manage our civic organization projects. i have a computer science degree from stanford and i have a business degree as well. i've worked on a variety of large scale project management
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at google including our company-wide financial audits that we did and the $5 billion bid to buy spectrum. i launched a project to build [speaker not understood] at home in one american city. and most recently i was a judge on the bloomberg mayor's challenge. i have deep ties with the community technology here in san francisco. i joined google in 2002 which makes me a bit of a dinosaur at google, but i have a lot of colleague now who are in the tech community and ex-classmates who are now at twitter and yelp and [speaker not understood]. and i'm here applying today mostly because i love san francisco. i've lived here most of my adult life. i reese presidently became a homeowner and i intend to raise my family here and i feel this is a way to give back to my community. i did a survey of my life and decided i wanted to do more in volunteering.
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i've been asking people about commissions. i decided this commission was of the greatest interest to me. [speaker not understood] schools, the infrastructure of our future and generations to come. second, i'm a long-time believer and advocate of transparency. [speaker not understood] core value that i hold really dear and i think this committee is actually providing the transparency for our tax dollars. and on a personal level i've talked to people who sit on this committee. [speaker not understood], and both of them spoke highly of this committee and the impact that they felt they were able to have and the personal satisfaction they derived from sitting on this committee. i believe i can bring some metrics, focused measurement benchmarking skills that i've learned through large scale project management over the past 13 years in the private sector to this committee.
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finally, i just wanted to say thank you for your time today and thank you generally for the work you're doing for the city of san francisco. i really appreciate it. >> supervisor cohen, did you have any questions? >> thank you. so, mini, maybe you can talk to me about some of the work you've done in the san francisco greater community or some of the other communities you talk to about your civic engagement process, particularly i'm interested in the work you've done within the ethnic minority communities. ~ some projects are in the greater city area. wi-fi, i tried to do it in san francisco and held community meeting in each district. really tried to engage the community to see the benefits
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in the potential there. we ended up building that community wi-fi in mountain view. it required a lot of outreach and it became one of these things where the community really rallied. and i felt like what we were doing was empowering the community to sort of solve problems for themselves in a really powerful way where serve a whole ecosystem of entrepreneurs sprung up to help their neighbors essentially make best use of the wi-fi that we were deploying. to me thatses what seeing the transformation of the community was one of the most satisfying things i was able to see. it was mostly used in low-income. it's a free wi-fi network and it's mostly used by people most in need. >> was that here in san francisco? i'm sorry. that was nonsan francisco. sorry, that was in mountain view. we did a lot of outreach in san francisco. this is a project i worked on in a previous administration. >> okay. all right, perfect. thank you very much. >> you may have mentioned it,
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but what experience have you had looking at large, large projects and involvement with the [speaker not understood] piece of it, with the audit? say it again. >> the audit, have you been involved with any large projects with -- i did do a google audit as my first project at google that i worked on for maybe the first two years. for two years all i was doing was helping -- it wasn't just doing an audith iththv. it was also making sure we could pass an audit. i was the project manager on our billing system. it ended up i worked closely with ernst & young who were the auditors to try it to get our financial system in a state where we could pass that audit. ~ so, i was very hand in hand on that project. >> thank you. next person is susanne berg. good afternoon. so, i lived in san francisco since 2001 and i'm a bay area
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native and i'm very proud to be a san franciscan. i'm an attorney and spent five years as a sole practitioner in san francisco representing local hoas and companies. most recently i've been working for a local san francisco hedge fund located in the divisadero corridor with a staff of three. we invest in date nationwide. and i've had a lot of experience. i've been the director of operations and in-house council so i've had a lot of experience working with our servicers [speaker not understood] other federal regulations a it applies to mortgage residential lending. over the last few years it's heated up. federal experience and our own auditors. for the past 7 years i've been active in the community league of san francisco [speaker not understood] volunteerism, [speaker not understood], and improve the community through effective action and leadership. as a member, my most significant experience has been serving as a delegate to our state public affairs committee which is comprised of all the junior leagues in california
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that take on national and state issues. part and parcel of this experience is training women for advocacy skills to run for office and [speaker not understood] application for commitments. currently i've been co-chairing the committee and it's wonderful working with a diverse population of women from orange county to bakersfield, to fresno, to san francisco. i feel that i'm an excellent candidate for this role given i have a strong understanding of the debt market and the audit process that comes along with them and my desire to ensure women play a strong role in our political process. >> thank you. any questions? seeing none, thank you very much. thank you. >> the next person i have would be kevin harper. good afternoon. >> good afternoon. my wife and i moved into san francisco last year and
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i've always been involved in the community that i live in. and i view this as a perfect opportunity because this is exactly what i know, is government finance. so, it's a good place for me to get started and participating and giving back into the community. 30 years i've been a certified public accountant serving solely local governments. 20 of those years with the international firm of deloitte where i live, their california government audit practice. 10 years ago i left deloitte and started my own cpa firm, again focused serving on local governments. so, i've served dozens of northern california cities and counties. i have conducted over 300 audits. i have audited hundreds of bond issuance, including a couple that would be interesting to note. one, the oakland coliseum refinancing when the raiders moved back into los angeles was one of the most complicated bond financing deals in
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northern california, and i was involved both on the county of alameda side and the city of oakland side because i was the partner in charge of both the those audits at the time. also when the city and county of san francisco had a lawsuit regarding the 1997 bond funds of the school district, the city attorney's office hired me as a expert witness in helping to compile some of the information needed to go to court. the mission of my cpa firm is to help government improve their internal administrative operationses. so, my passion for community service aligns directly with my, with my profession as well. it's what i know and what i love. the prior community service
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that i have that i think would be helpful in this role is that i served as an elected school board member in new haven unified school district for two terms including serving as the president. i was the elected auditor at the city of alameda. i served on the citizens oversight committee and the citizens watchdog committee of the alameda county transportation commission. again, overseeing this exact kind of situation of bond funding and grant funding. i served as the president of the [speaker not understood] community college foundation. i served as the treasurer of the oakland chamber of commerce, many other boards and commissions. and, so, i feel like i could step into this position and play a helpful role quickly. i certainly understand the exact purpose of the committee related to assuring that the dollars are spent in accordance
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with the agreement set up with the community when they voted to approve the bond. so, assuring the public trust, assuring that new bonds can be approved when the city decides to go back and ask for more bond from the community and assuring that the bond rating of the city remains strong. so, with that i thank you for the opportunity to talk with you and hope to have a chance to serve the city. thanks. >> okay, supervisor cohen. thank you. so, you've had so much experience doing that. don't you want to go to something else? [laughter] >> seriously. why do you want to be on this committee? like i said, i'm new to the city and this is what i know and this is what i love. so, this is a good starting point for me to get involved in the community. it's not all that i want to do, but it's certainly where i can gain traction quickly and help
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as quickly as i can. >> so, what brings you to the city? my wife and i moved here. we lived in the east bay for many years. my sons went away to college and we decided we wanted to live in downtown san francisco. thank you. >> thank you very much. okay, thank you. >> next person up would be sabrina lowell. hi, i'm sabrina lowell and i'm a 10 year resident here in san francisco. i am applying for seat 1 or 3. as a professional, i'm a certified financial planner. i work at a small business where 16 people specialize in financial planning and investment management. and outside of work i have been a part of the junior league of san francisco for 7 years. i served on their board for the last 2 years. predominantly in a fund-raising capacity, but more recently sitting on their enabling fund committee which has -- thank you -- which provides a bridge
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funding or emergency funding for local bay area nonprofits. so, reviewing grant applications and then liasing with 501(c) (3)s to determine what the project will look like, will it be on time, does it meet the scope of the workout lined in the grant application. i've also been very actively involved in the financial planning association which is the advocacy and membership body for financial planners. i've served on a number of committees within that organization. i'm also including the san francisco planning days providing financial planning to local bay area residents. so, i would welcome an opportunity to sit on this committee. i understand they are looking for more women, and feel like it would be a great opportunity to be a steward of the san an

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